Laser Treatment For Kidney Stone in Nashik

Laser Treatment For Stones

The presence of Kidney Stones in the human body can cause immense pain and discomfort. It becomes essential to get rid of the stones so that the normal activities of life continue uninterrupted. There are different procedures to get rid of the stones. If the stone is larger and cannot dispose while urination and gets stuck in the urinary tract, then surgery becomes the obvious choice.

There are different kinds of procedures available to treat the problem and one such treatment procedure is Laser Kidney Stone Surgery. Dr. Sudarshan Daga is a specialist in laser treatment for kidney stones in Nashik.

This kind of surgery is minimally invasive in which a patient is under the effect of anaesthesia and a small lighted instrument known as the Ureteroscope is placed into the urethra and urinary bladder. This makes it easier to see the stone in the kidney and the ureter.

At Daga’s Clinic in Nashik, Dr. Sudarshan Daga is renowned for laser treatment for kidney stones in Nashik.  He has wide years of experience in kidney-related problems.