Urethral Stricture Surgery in Nashik

Urethral Stricture Surgery In Nashik

Endoscopic/ Surgery For Urethral Stricture

Male urethral stricture disease is characterized by the formation of scar tissue within the urethra, resulting in lower urinary tract symptoms, infection, and potentially kidney dysfunction. There is significant variability in clinical practice for the treatment of urethral stricture. We sought to summarize the known data on endoscopic management of urethral stricture disease as part of this larger edition on urethral stricture management. Older studies quoted high rates of success with endoscopic management of urethral stricture, including repeated DVIU. There is now evidence to support a limited role of endoscopic intervention in the management of urethral stricture, and especially strong evidence that repeated endoscopic procedures are not effective.

An obstruction or narrowing of the urethra’s route through which urine exits the bladder is known as a urethral stricture. His stricture is far more common in men than in women and is brought on by inflammation, infection, or injury. If you’re searching for a clinic that can treat a digestive condition, Dr. Daga’s Clinic is one of a kind. Dr. Sudarshan Daga has a wide range of experience in  Urethral Stricture Surgery in Nashik